Dental Implant Restorations

When teeth are missing or unable to support and retain a dental prosthesis, like a crown or dentures, dental implants are commonly used to restore a smile.

What to expect

The first step in restoring an implant requires planning in order to ensure there is enough underlying support to resist chewing forces. This often depends on the severity of tooth loss, how long the tooth has been missing and the location on the jaw of the missing tooth/teeth.

A 3-D radiograph (CBCT) is often used to confirm not only the presence of adequate bone to house the implants, but also to confirm that the available bone is located in the areas needed to support the planned and modeled restoration.

After the procedure

Restoration replacement and normal wear and tear will occur. The frequency of replacements are based on your biting force, lifestyle habits and nighttime or daytime bruxism. Professional cleanings, dental visits and proper home care are very important in the success of this treatment.

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