Dental Implants

For patients who desire a more secure alternative to traditional dentures, your Aspen Dental practice offers Implant System as an implant denture solution.

Dr. Jostock uses an FDA-approved, implant denture system that allows you to quickly and easily secure your dentures in place. Implant dentures are less invasive and less expensive than traditional dental implants, and offer

no-slip confidence that can make eating and talking easier.

The procedure is remarkably simple and takes about an hour

Miniature titanium implant posts are gently placed into your jawbone. These posts act like the tooth root, helping to hold your implant denture securely in place by snapping on the post, like the snap on a jacket. Most patients are able to eat within hours of their procedure.

  • 3D rendering implantat, dental implant

    Even the best-fitting dentures can sometimes become loose and slip. Consider Dr. Jostock's  implant denture system for a secure, no-slip fit. Not everyone is a good candidate. Ask Dr. Jostock if  this way to go is right for you.

Secure dentures mean no slipping, and much more:

  • Less mess. There's no need for denture adhesives, pastes, or powders.
  • Eating is enjoyable again. You can eat your favorite foods, from apples to steak, and get the nutrition that comes with it.
  • Speaking is easy. You can speak in a relaxed, natural tone and not worry about your implant dentures coming loose.
  • Bone mass is preserved. Bone grows around each implant and prevents the deterioration of bone mass over time.

It's in keeping with Dr. Jostock practices’ commitment to providing patients with exceptional quality and service.

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